Chile, the eyes of the world

The unique geography of northern Chile, which on the west has the Pacific Ocean and the Andes on the east, meets the ideal conditions to have clear, dry and calm skies that allow observing the mysteries of the Universe. It is for this reason that our country concentrates a large part of the largest and most modern astronomical observatories in the world: ALMA and VLT are part of these.

During the next decade, with the entry into operation of the E-ELT, LSST and GMT telescopes, Chile will concentrate 70% of the worldwide observation capacity (1). In addition, State initiatives, such as the Atacama Astronomical Park, which manages and coordinates the arrival of new projects at one of the best places for astronomical observations; or the Light Pollution Norm, which protects the skies of northern Chile; make the country an open window to the Universe.

1- This corresponds to the collecting area of optical and infrared telescopes.


Visit Chile

Chile is an unforgettable destination for those who look for surprising landscapes, cultural diversity, gastronomic delights and excellent wines, all from the hand of the warmth of its inhabitants. The privileged geography unites landscapes and climates so opposed, able to show a display of natural wonders as varied as the Atacama Desert, Patagonia and Easter Island.