FONIS Program

The National Fund for Research and Development in Health, FONIS, was established in 2004 as a joint initiative between the Ministry of Health (MINSAL) and CONICYT, with the goal of promoting applied research to quality health care, focusing on the generation of knowledge that is needed to address the health needs of the poorest sectors of the population. Both institutions contribute to the fund.

Budget 2013: USD 2,2 millon / USD 1,4 millon CONICYT y USD 0,8 millon Minsal.

Line of Action:

  • Encouraging and building capacities for applied research in health that is focused on Chile’s specific needs
  • Generating information that can serve as a basis for decision–making in health and as guidance for public policies.

Funding Instruments

  • National Competitive Call for Research and Development Health Projects.

Main Achievements in 2012

  • Funds were awarded for 41 initiatives as part of the 9th National Competitive Call for Research and Development Health Projects, 10.8% more than for the 2011 edition, and a 10.5% increase in the total amount of allocated funds.
  • “Bioethics Seminar: Updated ethics on research involving human subjects.” Information was shared on how international regulations work, and how these will affect research on human subjects in Chile’s new legal framework.
  • Two FONIS projects published results in international scientific journals, while two other initiatives had an impact in their own region and obtained additional financial support (from CORFO’s InnovaChile and the Atacama Regional Government) to continue developing.

Advisory Council 2012


  • Emilio Santelices


  • Rodrigo Contreras
  • Gonzalo Herrera
  • Ricardo Maccioni
  • Juan Pablo Torres
  • María Teresa Valenzuela