APEC Workshop: “STI Contribution to Policy Making on Natural Disaster Resilience” – DAY 1/2


Fecha del evento: 01-08-2018


-National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research of Chile – CONICYT-APEC

Venue: CONICYT. Address: 1375 Moneda Street, Santiago. 2nd floor.

Date: August 1, 2018

8.30 – 9.00 Registration and Coffee Break
9.00 – 9.10 Introduction

Welcome remarks

Mario HAMUY, President of Council, CONICYT

9.10 – 9.15 Remarks

Christian NICOLAI, Executive Director, CONICYT

9.15– 9.45 Reducing Disaster Risk in Chile: Current Status and Challenges.

Keynote Speaker:
Cristóbal MENA, Deputy National Director, National Emergency Office (ONEMI), Chile

9.45 – 9.55 Press Photo
9.55 – 10.00 Presentations of Participants (economy, institution, position)
Moderator: Zenon AGUILAR, Deputy Director of Research, Peruvian – Japanese Center of Seismology and Disaster Mitigation Investigation, Peru
10.00 – 10.30 Natural Hazards Resilience Research in New Zealand.

Asaad SHAMSELDIN, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Auckland, New Zealand

10.30 – 10.40 Questions and answers
10.40 – 10.55 Coffee Break
10.55 – 11.25 Building Resilience After the September Earthquakes in Mexico.

Norlang GARCÍA, Deputy Director, Economic and Social Studies Department, National Center for Disaster Prevention (CENAPRED), Mexico

11.25 -11.35 Questions and answers
11.35 -12.05 Earthquake Disaster Resilience in China.

Yongxian ZHANG, Deputy Director, Earthquake Prediction Department, China Earthquake Networks Center, China

12.05 – 12.15 Questions and answers
12.15 – 12.45 The Role of Science and Technology in Earthquake Hazard Characterization: A Chilean Experience.

Sergio BARRIENTOS, Director, National Seismologic Centre, University of Chile, Chile

12.45 – 12.55 Questions and answers
12.55 – 14.00 Lunch
Moderator: Kampanart SILVA, Senior Nuclear Scientist, Nuclear Research Group, Nuclear Research and Development Division,  Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology, Thailand
14.00 – 14.30 Science Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction: Global and Regional Perspectives

Rajib SHAW, Chair of United Nations Science Technology Advisory Group for Disaster Risk Reduction, Professor de la Universidad de Keio, Japan

14.30 – 14.40 Questions and answers
14.40 – 15.10 The organization of scientific-technical activities in the system of EMERCOM of Russia

Evgenii GAMAIUNOV, Head of Section of Scientific-Technical Department, Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM), Russia

15.10 – 15.20 Questions and answers
15.20 – 15.35 Coffee Break
15.35 – 16.05 The Role of Data Science in Informing Disaster Mitigation and Resilience Policy.

Simon DUNSTALL, Research Director, Decision Sciences Program, Data61, CSIRO, Australia

16.05 – 16.15 Questions and answers
16.15 – 16.45 Policy Making on Natural Disaster Resilience: Vulnerability and Healt.

Paula REPETTO, Department of Psychology (PUC), Principal Investigator, Research Center for Integrated Disaster Risk Management (CIGIDEN), Chile

16.45 – 16.55 Questions and Answers
16.55 – 17.15 Closing remarks day 1