About the Proyect

  • STI Contribution to Policy Making on Natural Disaster Resilience: Better STI, Better Resilience, Better Competiveness

Chile is proposing an initiative to foster a policy partnership ecosystem in APEC economies that aims to put STI-based evidence at the heart of policy and practice to improve the resilience on disaster of natural origin.

Government policy is a major factor in driving preparedness and resilience to better cope with disasters of natural origin in order to mitigate the impacts vis-à-vis domestic innovation and economic development. Governments’ policies also play a vital role in creating the conditions for a functioning ecosystem in which collaboration between science and businesses may flourish. In this project, Policy makers and stakeholders from APEC economies will identify their major challenges regarding the contribution that STI can make to the policy making process on natural disaster resilience.

This initiative is intended to contribute to the development of more resilient economies by means of supporting new research and innovation capabilities vis-à-vis the response and preparation of the people to better face the effects of the hazards of natural origin. It will analyze what policies governments have developed to support the decision-making process for natural disasters resilience based upon scientific evidence. This action will explore how to fully engage stakeholders and researchers in domestic policy-making process facing natural disasters preparedness, management and resilience.


Expected Outcomes

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